Friendly 2018/2019: Match 40

Championship Group A 2018/2019 season: Round 14, match 4

Championship Group A 2018/2019 season: Round 13, match 3

Friendly 2018/2019: Match 35

FRIENDLY 2018/2019: MATCH 45

Championship Group A 2018/2019 season: Round 12, match 4

Championship Group A 2018/2019 season: Round 11, match 4


Goals and assists
Assists Goal scorer Minutes Goal scorer Assists
Elliot Jalley Diego Lopez 15′
Cyril Cadete Diego Lopez 40′
Pierre Flament Elliot Jalley 55′
Diego Lopez Elliot Jalley 90′
Man of the Match: Dynamo Žižkov (as voted by Salt Miners) Man of the Match: Salt Miners (as voted by Dynamo Žižkov)
TBA #99 

FRIENDLY 2018/2019: MATCH 42

This match is not considered for statistics (ranking, goals, assists).

Goals and assists
Assist Goal scorer Score Goal scorer Assist
0 1 Victor Pisarenco Florian Keroglot
1 1
2 1
2 2 Răzvan Tucan
2 3 Daninho Răzvan Tucan
2 4 Dionis Pisarenco Free Kick
2 5 Iulian Budescu
3 5
3 6 Iulian Budescu Victor Pisarenco

Championship Group A 2018/2019 season: Round 9, match 1


Assists Goal scorers Minutes Goal scorers Assists
10′ Ben Antrobus Sam Brown
20′ Callum Philbin Penalty
Aris Tsagkaris Elliot Jalley 30′
65′ Steven Donaldson Fernando Martinez
Tomas Berger Elliot Jalley 80′
Cyril Cadete Tomas Berger 85′
Man of the Match: Dynamo Žižkov (as voted by IFC Prague) Man of the Match: IFC Prague (as voted by Dynamo Žižkov)
Elliot Jalley
gbr United Kingdom
Forward, Midfielder
Current Team
Dynamo Žižkov, All-Star Team
Antoine Labarbarie
fra France
Current Team
IFC Prague

This was the first game between Prague’s two longest established international clubs in over 2 years and the game was intense as usual. It was a game of 4 quarters with IFC dominating the opening periods of both halves and Zizkov finishing both halves strongly.

10’ 0-1 IFC. Antrobus finished superbly after a lovely through ball from Brown.

20’ 0-2 IFC. Philbin converted the penalty awarded after Antrobus was clean through again but cynically hacked down before he was able to shoot. No card for the Zizkov player….

30’ 1-2. Evergreen Jalley pulled one back for Zizkov after a ‘tussle’ with Kazmierczak in the IFC goal.

40’ A brilliant Kazmierczak save diving low to his left kept IFC in the lead at half time.

HT: Dinamo Zizkov 1-2 IFC

IFC started brightly again and Donaldson, Antrobus, Frederiksen and Sellers T all spurned chances to increase IFC’s lead.

65’ 1-3 IFC. Donaldson headed IFC into a 2 goal lead from a Martinez corner.

70’ Another brilliant saver by Kazmierczak (top right hand corner) denied Zizkov.

78’ 2-3. Jalley outpaced the IFC defence and slid the ball under the outrushing Kazmierczak.

Martinez, Labarbarie, Philbin, Roberts and Fanthorpe all went off with injuries leaving IFC down to bare bones.

85’ 3-3. An Alex Kral header (see Sevilla v Slavia) smashed off the back of a Zizkov players head/shoulder into the IFC net.

Zizkov laid siege to the IFC goal in the last 5 minutes but couldn’t score the winner.

FT: Dinamo Zizkov 3-3 IFC

This was a game that we should have won but could have lost so a draw is probably a fair result overall.

A good game between two physical and half decent sides.

Match report by IFC Prague

Friendly 2018/2019: Match 20


Goals & assists
Assists Goal scorers Minute Goal scorers Assists
Ali Gululu Daniel Rusu Mark Child
Daniel Rusu
Enrique Paredes
Man of the Match: Accenture United (as voted by Partisan B) Man of the Match: Partisan B (as voted by Accenture United)