IFC Prague


The International Football Club of Prague was established in the Summer of 1990 when a group of British Embassy staff and British construction workers employed at the British Embassy played their first friendly football match against a Czech pub team from the district of Prague 10.

With the Velvet Revolution of October 1989 and the ensuing influx of foreigners to Prague and the Czech Republic, the IFC eventually grew from its initial links with the British Embassy to encompass the wider foreign community in Prague.

In the years since its inceptions, the IFC of Prague has truly lived up to its name, fielding players from many countries whose national flags are represented in the club crest, in order clockwise: Czech Republic, Northern Ireland, Ireland, United States of America, Holland, Honduras, France, Scotland, Germany, Wales, Australia, Italy, Argentina and England. In addition the IFC has been represented in the past by players from Austria, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Hong Kong, Iceland, Nigeria, Senegal, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden, whose national flags are unfortunately not present due to limitation of space.


1994 + 1995 + 1996 – winners of the Kovarov ( Pig Tournament ).
1998 – winners of the Malesice ( Pig Tournament new venue ).
1999 – winners of the SLT/Ester Easter Cup.
2000 – Winners of the Football / AHWM Cup.
2000 – Winners of the Colin Currie Memorial Cup.
???? – year unknown as too drunk – winners DHL Egg Cup.

  • PIBFAL (Prague International Biweekly Football Amateur League)

IFC Prague 2018/19 Players

1usaPhil FrederiksenIFC PragueMidfielder618
2engIain SellersIFC PragueDefender017
3irlCallum PhilbinIFC PragueForward636
4mexMaximo LopezIFC PragueMidfielder016
5engNeil LoweIFC PragueMidfielder106
6engSam RobertsIFC PragueMidfielder546
7czeLukáš PorazilIFC PragueGoalkeeper, Defender006
8engBenjamin AntrobusIFC PragueMidfielder, Forward905
9usaWade SavantIFC PragueDefender, Midfielder015
10gbrSam BrownIFC PragueMidfielder105
11engIain FanthorpeIFC PragueDefender144
12irlSteven DonaldsonIFC PragueDefender004
13libWilliam JalloulIFC PragueMidfielder, Forward514
14espFernando MartinezIFC PragueDefender023
15scoOmar SattarIFC PragueDefender, Midfielder002
16engGeorge MazzottiIFC PragueMidfielder002
17irlRichard CurranIFC PragueMidfielder002
18fraAntoine LabarbarieIFC PragueDefender002
19rouIonel DavidIFC PragueMidfielder011
20czeTomas NovakIFC PragueForward001
21gerSimran GrevalIFC PragueMidfielder001
22scoJoe ClarkeIFC PragueDefender001
23tunSaad HaddadiIFC PragueMidfielder001
24scoTony McLaughlinIFC PragueDefender, Midfielder001
25sweAndrea ColantoniIFC PragueGoalkeeper001