Sahar Khodayari Super Cup

Sahar Khodayari ( سحر خدایاری‎), (1990 – 2019), was an Iranian woman known for setting herself on fire in front of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Tehran on 2 September 2019. She was protesting a possible sentence of six months in prison for having tried to enter a public stadium to watch a football game, against the national ban against women at such events. She died a week later of her injuries. 
For more information about her please visit Wikipedia
On Wednesday, 11th of September 2019 PIBFAL’s Co-Founders have decided to rename their Super Cup to Sahar Khodayari Super Cup in memoriam. 
Sahar Khodayari Super Cup | 2019
Date Kick-Off FINAL Venue
02.09.2019 14:00 Taverners 3:4 Dynamo Žižkov Anděl Arena


Sahar Khodayari Super Cup | 2020
Date Kick-Off FINAL Venue
07.09.2020 19:30 IFC Prague 2:4 GEP AFK Slavoj Podolí