Clausura 2016: Match #1


7. Michael Glennon: x2 2. Dario Izzo: x1
8. Evgeny Dolgunow: x3
10. Karim Moustafa: x2
11. David Swaim: x1

Well the PIBFA League is up and running and despite the score line the game was a lot of fun and very competitive at times. The manner in which the game was played was fair and fun, with lots of off the ball comments from both set of players. The referee was also very good in my opinion he kept the game flowing with many advantages and at times he pulled the game back.

FC Taverners were well organized and I have to say caused our team many problems with the speed of some of the players, this was our main downfall, not being able to match players or runs, the high ball over our defense and run on from FC Taverners was the favored way of scoring. Both set of teams tried to play the ball on the ground, but as the night went on the surface with the rain became very slippery.

Over all and despite the 9 goals (please confirm, I lost count after 6 J) the DHL lads were happy for the game. Last night we had 5 or 6 new boys and it was our first 11 a side for a year we were all satisfied.

Referee Tomáš Burda

Match report by Scott Clifford


Date Time League Season Full Time
September 19, 2016 7:00 pm PIBFAL 2016 Clausura 90'


Horní Měcholupy
Hornoměcholupská 300, Horní Měcholupy, 109 00 Praha-Praha 15, Czechia


Club1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
DHL ITS011Loss


3Cyrille Piteau Defender
4Paul Ginnane Defender
6Maxime Gardie Midfielder
7Michael Glennon Midfielder
8Evgeny Dolgunow Forward
10Karim Moustafa 30 Midfielder
11David Swaim 66 Midfielder
19Sebastian Gross Midfielder
44Valentyn Tommy Riordan Midfielder
77Nikolai Beer Midfielder
30Onur Özman 10 Defender
66Evan Davies 11 Forward
1Grzegorz Kaźmierczak Goalkeeper


1Alessandro Rossi Goalkeeper
2Dario Izzo Defender
3David Janecek Defender
4Jan Pupik 12 Defender
5Andrew Stockton 14 Defender
6Vojtech Rehak Defender
7Marco Chavez 13 Defender
8Jaroslav Musil Midfielder
9Lukas Lesbovsky Midfielder
10Russell Webb 15 Midfielder
11Rupert Baltrock Forward
12Scott Clifford 4 Defender
13Miroslav Haupt 7 Midfielder
14Armin Hadzic 5 Forward
15Ajmal Siddiqui 10 Forward