Organization Team

Organization Team is the executive body of the PIBFAL. Under the loose, irregular supervision of the Co-founders; Organization Team leads, runs, operates day to day basis. It’s main responsibilities are to coordinate both Co-administrators and Referee Teams as well as representing the organization towards third parties such as facilities, non member clubs, individual players, sponsors and so on. Like all other teams under PIBFAL umbrella; Organization Team espouses core values included but not limited to diversity and consensus.
As time goes by, PIBFAL constantly grows and so, the Organization Team seeks more and more volunteers. Although roles vary time by time from marketing to IT; the main requirements are always same.
* Fluency in English,
* Team spirit,
* Sense of humor,
* Can do attitude,
* Customer orientation even though ‘A’ of PIBFAL stands for Amateur and so we have nothing to do with monetary issues,
* Access to the internet
* Basic knowledge of G-Suite, Facebook Messenger and some other popular social media.
Organization Team do not care:
* Where and what time the volunteer works;
* Age, gender, race, religion or any other means subject to discrimination,
* Even the volunteer has any experience, skills or interest in football or not.
In other words all applicants will receive consideration for enrollment without regard to race, color, religion, gender or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status. you may be an ideal fit in comparison to gifted, skilled but violent Eric Cantona.

Please mail us if you would want to volunteer.