What is PIBFAL? 

Prague International Biweekly Football League (PIBFAL) is an amateur football league in Prague, Czech Republic. There are 3 competitions: Championship, Cup and Super Cup. We also offer friendly matches for the teams that are not involved in the Championship and Cup. The main objective of the league is to spread the beautiful game among amateur football players in Prague. The main values are friendship, fair-play and respect.


First ever PIBFAL season started in September, 2016. Participating teams were Taverners, IFC, Partisan and DHL. All the matches from first and second seasons were played on Anděl Arena, the same place where Czech Republic national football team is training, located on top of the Mrázková hill. The other pitch is Horní Měcholupy. Started with the third season, a new team joined the league, Johnson & Johnson F.C. and besides Anděl Arena and Horní Měcholupy, some matches were played on other venues: SK Motorlet’s home ground, SK Motorlet 2, Pankrac Slavoj Vyšehrad, Sportovní Areál ČAFC Praha and Sportovní Areál Pražačka. Currently the matches are being played all over Prague.


Yes! This league is all about friendship, fair-play and respect! The whole concept of PIBFAL is based on these values. We are all football amateur players and we play in the name of the game. Respect yourself, respect your teammates, respect your opponent, respect the referee, respect football!


PIBFAL is always open for anyone who wants to play. Before you submit your application, please be sure and aware about our values. In case you are interested in playing for any of the teams, please fill this form: New Player Application Form.


In case you have a team and want to register in the league, first make sure you agree with our values. Although we are an amateur league with amateur teams and amateur players, we are trying to be as serious as possible (especially when it comes to organisation) so that is what we expect in return. You will first be included in our friendly matches and possible a mini-league with 4 teams in case there are enough teams. Once the season ends, you will be invited to be part of the Championship which starts in September. Here is the New Team Checklist!